We started doing some of the easy fair storage to the new shelves.

It’s ironic to feel like you’re unpacking into your home the second time around once you realize how much you’ve been hoarding all this time.

We are up to 4 + bags of clothes to donate so far (which will be good for those in need during the back to school shopping and prepping for fall/winter times just around the corner).

I’ve found organizational supplies we had packed away, or stashed in a random box, that I’ve begun including into the room to have even more storage space.

Granted, the room layout doesn’t easily allow for the same size of shelving to make the most of the square footage, but, it’s at least a decent start.

I didn’t truly realize how many different kinds of baskets we had for dropping such random assortments of items (but I’m not really surprised all that much, truth be told).

Once we get through this phase of the main living areas sorted through, I’ll move into shelving for the garage to further the cause along.  It seems only natural since we have items in there that need to come in to be sorted and the layout of the garage is a little unique (it has a side niche room that can be utilized in a much better way that our current haphazard methodology).

Hopefully, you yourself can find some inspiration in what we’re attempting to do.  Holding on to things, in this day and age, doesn’t carry the same necessity (nor sentiment) it once did.  There are fewer generational homes, fewer settlement style towns, and we have drifted into a technology-dependent era of our human culture/society.

We can cling onto things from the past, from our past, but that doesn’t coincide that we’ve learned anything from it to take forward in the journey.

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Nothing to see here....just a simple human examining the world; it's thoughts and ideas so I can make up my own mind.
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  1. Laj'Orem says:

    One of these days, I will actually learn to run spell-check prior to publishing.
    But, what fun would that be really?


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